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Training Programs

AMT offers education and experience for those working in or entering the healthcare field. We provide training programs that range from basic CPR to pre-hospital registered nursing. We utilize a diverse team of instructors who have attained a wealth of knowledge through their years of field experience.

Our Programs

Our programs are built upon curriculum that goes beyond required standards — teaching our students how to save lives while adhering to AMT's core values. Why choose AMT for training?

  • We conduct the most realistic EMS training scenarios to give our students not just the skills, but also the confidence for their first real patient contact.
  • We offer the area's most diverse and intensive field internships.
  • We continue to evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of our students and the medical community.
  • We consistently research new developments, theories and treatment modalities to improve field performance.
  • Above all, we teach the value of human life. It is the role and responsibility of EMS providers to go beyond the basic skill set to be responsive and compassionate to patients' needs.

EMS Certification Courses We Offer

  • EMT Basic
  • EMT Paramedic



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